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Greyhound Adoption

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NGA Endorsed Adoption Groups

Greyhounds retire from the farms and training farms when they show no interest in chasing a lure, have an injury, or are not able to run at current track speed safely. They are then available for adoption through an adoption group or privately by an owner. 

Greyhounds retire from the tracks for the same reasons they do on the farms. They may also retire at an owner's request or when their running style makes conditions unsafe for themselves or other dogs on the track. They are then available for adoption through an adoption group or privately by an owner. 

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In the state of West Virginia, the two tracks that have on-site adoption kennels. Racers from these tracks often have a 'lay over' in the on site adoption kennels after they hang up their racing muzzle. During this period, retirement vetting is completed and the staff work with the NGA endorsed adoption groups to fill adoption requests. 

Greyhound Winner’s Circle Adoption Center 

Wheeling Island Greyhound Adoption Center

The National Greyhound Association (NGA) has a resource list of responsible adoption groups that the NGA has proudly endorsed as adoption partners in the successful efforts of placing retiring greyhounds into pet homes. 









For more information on these groups, please visit NGA Endorsed Responsible Adoption Groups.

95% adoption rate

West Virginia has a superior, gold standard program to assist with racer's general health and vetting costs of West Virginia bred greyhounds.

Winner's Circle Greyhound Adoption

Grand re-opening of the Winner's Circle Greyhound Adoption Center at Mardi Gras (Tri-State) Casino & Resort