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Call To Action

an exhortation or stimulus to do something in order to achieve an aim or deal with a problem

Thank you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thank you to the over 100 group that stood in unity with the West Virginia greyhound community to  support #KeepWVGreyhounds.


On Wednesday, February 19, SB 285 - Eliminating WV Greyhound Breeding Development Fund - was rejected by the Senate 11 yay to 23 NAYS.

On Sunday, February 23, HB4599 - Discontinuing the West Virginia Racing Commission special account known as the West Virginia Greyhound Breeding Development Fund - died in the House Judiciary Committee. 


United we race!

We thank all the adoption groups throughout North  America that support greyhound racing in West Virginia!
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  • ACT Greyhounds

  • Adopt a Greyhound Atlanta

  • Adoptable Greyhounds of Florida

  • Alabama Greyhound Adoption Center

  • Allies for Greyhounds

  • Arizona Adopt a Greyhound, Inc.

  • Awesome Greyhound Adoptions

  • Bay Area Greyhound Adoption

  • Bluegrass Greyhound Adoption

  • Box To The Wire Greyhound Adoption Inc.

  • Camp Greyhound Adoption Program

  • Central Illinois Greyhound Adoption

  • Crazy for Greyhounds Adoption

  • Everything Grey Greyhound Haven

  • Everything Greyt

  • Fast K9's Greyhound Adoption, Inc.

  • Forever Grey Inc.

  • Forever Home Greyhound Adoptions

  • Friends of Retired Greyhounds

  • Gemini's Pampered Greyhounds

  • Gillian's Greyhound Adoption

  • Going Home Greyhounds

  • GreyHeart Greyhound Adoption

  • Greyhound Action League of Buffalo

  • Greyhound Adoption of Greater Rochester

  • Greyhound Adoption of Ohio

  • Greyhound Alliance's Sunburst Project

  • Greyhound Angels Adoption

  • Greyhound Crossroads

  • Greyhound Expressions

  • Greyhound Friends of North Carolina

  • Greyhound Lovers of Hamilton Wentworth

  • Greyhound Pet Adoptions of Delaware

  • Greyhound Pets of America - Atlanta/Southeastern Greyhound Adoption

  • Greyhound Pets of America - Canada

  • Greyhound Pets of America - Connecticut Greyhound Adoption

  • Greyhound Pets of America - Gainesville

  • Greyhound Pets of America - Greater Northwest

  • Greyhound Pets of America - Indianapolis

  • Greyhound Pets of America - Kansas
  • Greyhound Pets of America - Louisiana & Mississippi

  • Greyhound Pets of America - Louisville

  • Greyhound Pets of America - Massachusetts

  • Greyhound Pets of America - Minnesota

  • Greyhound Pets of America - National

  • Greyhound Pets of America - New Mexico Greyhound Connection

  • Greyhound Pets of America - Pure Michigan Greyhound Adoption

  • Greyhound Pets of America - Tampa Bay

  • Greyhound Pets of America - Tennessee

  • Greyhound Pets of America - Tri State

  • Greyhound Pets of America - Wisconsin

  • Greyhound Pets of Arizona

  • Greyhound Pets of Atlantic Canada

  • Greyhound Placement Service New Hampshire

  • Greyhound Rescue & Rehab

  • Greyhound Rescue of New York

  • Greyhound Retirement Adoption Care and Education

  • Greyhound Retirement Foundation of Tennessee

  • Greyhound Support Transport

  • Greyhound Supporters of the NCR

  • Greyhound Welfare

  • Greyhounds As Pets of Northeast Florida

  • Greyhounds Only, Inc. Adoption

  • GreySave

  • Greyt Angels Greyhound Adoption

  • Greyt Expectations Greyhound Rescue

  • Greyt Love Retirement

  • GreytHounds of Eastern Michigan

  • GST's Sun State Greyhound Adoption

  • Heartland Greyhound Adoption

  • Hounds & Heroes

  • Iowa Greyhound Adoption Program

  • It's a Grey Area Greyhound Adoption

  • James River Greyhound

  • Kentucky Greyhound Placement

  • Linda Ann's Greyhound Adoption

  • Long Island Greyhound Connection

  • Make Peace With Animals

  • Midwest Greyhound Adoption

  • North Coast Greyhound Connection

  • Northern Lights Greyhound Adoption

  • Northern Sky Greyhound Adoption Association

  • Ohio Greyhound Gathering & Adoption

  • Old Dominion Greyhound Adoption

  • Paws on The Mountain Greyhound Adoption

  • Personalized Greyhounds

  • Prison Greyhounds

  • Project Racing Home Greyhound Adoption

  • Pups Without Partners Greyhound Adoption

  • Quad Cities Greyhound Adoption

  • Race Place Retire Greyhound Adoption

  • Rainbows End Greyhound Adoption Group

  • Retired Not Rescued Greyhound Adoption

  • Run for Adoption - Greyhound Rehome of Montana

  • Running The Rail Greyhound Adoption

  • Southern California Greyhound Adoption Legion

  • Star City Greyhound Adoption

  • Team Greyhound Adoption of Ohio

  • The League of Extraordinary Greyhounds

  • Triangle Greyhound Society

  • Wheeling Island Greyhound Adoption Center

Have you adopted a West Virginia retiree? We would love to hear your story!
Check out Our Stories for "tails" of adopted retired racers! 

Thank you for supporting #KeepWVGreyhounds!!

If you would prefer to email your story, or email photos of your retired greyhounds, please send an email to

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