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Straight from the End of the Leash!

Tails from Adopters of Retired Racing Greyhounds


Blue - JS I Blue By You

I adopted Blue in December of 2018. Blue only had 3 starts at Wheeling Downs. The fact that he is now a pet is a testament to the care his owners and trainers hold for their dogs. After 2 of Blue's races, he had seizures. At that point, his trainer and his owner, Ray Wong, called me because he knew of my experience with caring for my own epileptic greyhound and asked if GEM would be interested in placing him. He immediately shut Blue down because he feared that continuing to race him would seriously and negatively impact Blue's health. Since his early retirement, Blue has flourished in his new phase of life as a pet and I firmly believe this is a direct result of the responsible and diligent care he was given during his short career. - James Simmons

Deja Poo.jpg

Dee Dee - Deja Poo

Although our retired greyhound DeeDee “ Deja Poo” did not race in West Virginia I still think her story should be told.... We need these wonderful dogs in our lives. DeeDee is a beautiful spunky, mischievous black girl who decided racing wasn’t for her. So after a short stint at the Birmingham Racetrack in Alabama she retired and eventually found her way to Ontario Canada. She adopted us when she was 25 months old ( bd May 16, 2011)  Although DeeDee presents as a quiet calm aloof girl, once you get to know her she is the most affectionate silly, mischievous pup, who puts a smile on your face and a giggle in your belly every day. She gets this twinkle in her eye, glances up at you and goes for a zoomie, she still loves to run and race to get all the intruders out of her yard. She is not above stalking the critters and then pouncing. Without racing greyhounds, the farms, the people who raise, train and love them, and the tracks... we the general public would not be able to share our lives with these wonderful loving beautiful fast couch potatoes once they hang up their racing muzzles. So thank you to all the tracks that have given our majestic beautiful hounds a place to show off and run with the pack for as long as they wanted too.  Because we are waiting for them with open hearts for them to race into our lives when they hang up the racing silk and muzzle for the last time. Keep VW Racing! .... this will be where our future hounds will have raced. - Renée Wood


Flyin WizKhalifa.jpg

Khalifa - Flyin WizKhalifa

I adopted Khalifa (Flyin WizKhalifa, aka Khalifa my beefa, aka sweet baby dog) through G.R.A.C.E. in Michigan over 5 years ago when he was nearly 3 years old. He was raised in Kansas and raced in Southland. My sweet athlete turned couch potato raced in 66 races during his career there. He was grade AA, took 1st 10 times, and 2nd 16 times. I understand he was quite the athlete. He has been the sweetest hound I’ve known and I am certain it has everything to do with the wonderful folks who trained and loved on him throughout his training and racing career. He opened my eyes to a world I knew very little about. There are incredible communities of folks who carefully breed, raise, and train these gorgeous athletes and I know for certain that it is because of Khalifa’s experience on the farm and track that he is the sweet couch loving creature I have been lucky enough to know today and to have stretched out on my own couch. These hounds have such a unique upbringing being raised socially in packs and trained for their racing careers. I’m happy he was able to have that experience. They absolutely love to run, as has been made clear by the self created track that my Khalifa has worn into my backyard. It’s an incredible sight to watch him run. I wish I could have seen him on the track! - Marcelle Pereault

Tallulah and Brady James McD.jpg

Tallulah and James - Brady James McD

My first hound was adopted through Needlenose Greyhound Adoption in Campbellville, Ontario. I named her Tallulah, and only found out her racing name recently as she did not come with complete papers. She was trouble on four paws, and I fell in love with her instantly.  My second hound came shortly after; his racing name was Brady James McD, and I just called him James. He and Tallulah were inseparable. They were both so different in personality (Tallulah being outspoken and aloof, where James was extremely affectionate and quiet), but they were ideal companions for each other and ideal companions in general. Tallulah was a St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog. James did not pass the test, he was too “kissy” lol. They were clearly very well treated at the track, and the loving letters that came from James’ trainer and kennel adoption coordinator were very dear to me. Everyone who met them loved them. The mailman would come to the door every day just to see them. - Cassandra Weimann

Greys Kanza Star.jpg

Star - Greys Kanza Star

Our first adoptee, Star (Greys Kanza Star), was 7 when we brought him home, and was with us for two years of joy. We marveled at his ability to sleep upside down, which we later learned was called roaching. His previous family returned him when they felt the need to retire and travel. He was a gentle soul who succumbed to a stomach tumour at 9. - Rita & Rick Hanesiak

Iruska Go Nellie.jpg

Champ - WJS Call Of Duty

Kali - Amazing Thunder

Bree - Iruska Go Nellie (photo)

My Dad was transferred to the US when I was a teen. He eventually ended up with an Inn called The Deerhill in West Dover Vermont where he adopted 2 retired racers. Those dogs had the run of the Inn to the guests joy. There aren't a lot of good memories but one thing good I got from my dad was a love of this absolutely wonderful breed and having known many many dogs and breeds over the years there is no doubt in my mind that they are the fantastic pets they are because of their beginnings and their racing history. We don't live in a perfect world, I am not naive. Having regulated racing is the best thing for these dogs. I cannot imagine life without them in it. We have an amazing group of adopters here in southern Ontario. For years we have gotten together to run, first as South Simcoe Greyhounds, now as Camo Greyhound Club (we now have Camp Greyhound Adoption Program CGAP) I have met hundreds of dogs and seen lots of personalities. They are absolutely wonderful loving companions even right off the track when their whole world's change. Please open your heart and see the loving dogs we have because of racing. My bridge angels Champ , who was and will always be my heart dog (WJS Call of Duty), my Kali (Amazing Thunder )and my 1 3 1/2 year old Bree ( Iruska Go Nellie ) and I thank you. - Alison Busnello

East Coast Alex.jpg

Alex - East Coast Alex

Once again we ventured back to GRA.  Maude met (speed dated) and rejected many pups but walked calmly with her current fur brother Alex (East Coast Alex) from the Sanford Orlando Kennel Club. He has been with us four and a half years and the both continue to bring us many hours of fun and joy and we could not imagine life without these wonderful gentle creatures. They are the product of careful breeding, socialization and loving handling by owners, trainers and all the amazing people who work so hard to rehome them. We have since visited SOKC several tunes and seen firsthand the dogs’ excitement in race day, their wonderful ability to fly down the track after “Swifty”.- Rita & Rick Hanesiak


Derby - Flying Dery Dog

We were only going to foster Derby but of course we won us over with his goofy personality and loopy ears!! We love our greys, amazing loving gentle giants!!❤️ - Aurelie Moskwa


Lobo - Lightning Lobo

I adopted Lobo shortly after my first greyhound passed. Lobo helped heal my heart. When Lobo passed, I thought it was my duty to update his owner. During our conversation, I (brazenly) asked Mr. Salem if he might consider our family when one of Lobo’s descendants retired. (He has a number of “grandchildren” currently racing at Wheeling.) We were contacted days later & offered the opportunity to bring María home. Of course we jumped at the opportunity.

Both Lobo & María adapted quickly to life in our home. It was obvious they were well loved (spoiled!) in their previous lives. 

Legacy was the first racer I owned & she raced at Wheeling for 2+ years. I had the pleasure of visiting her many times, watching her race & helping at her kennel. The care Legacy received from everyone was above & beyond. She was clearly loved. Her transition to our home was seamless. And when I had issues, I only had to contact her trainer for assistance. (As I did with Lobo.) - Jennifer Christianson

Mrl Tear Jerker.jpeg

Ellie - MRL TearJerker

MRL TearJerker, now known as Ellie, raced a short but successful career at Wheeling before retiring in August 2014. She is a happy, spunky girl who never got the memo that she was retired. She now loves chasing the rabbits and squirrels in the back yard and is always up for a game of chase with the other greyhounds in her pack. In June 2019 I was fortunate to make a trip to Wheeling Island to pick up dogs and was able to FINALLY meet Ellie’s trainer, after connecting and communicating via Facebook since Ellie retired. Amanda remembered Ellie and happily recounted stories of her time in the kennel. It just goes to show, even 4.5 years after she retired, just how much love the trainers have for their dogs! - Emily Carvill


Roc A By Hy Noon, Hilda Hambone (photo), Raphael

Greyhounds were brought into our lives suddenly about 10 years ago and ever since, we couldn’t imagine ever being without the breed. The breed with likely be available still however it is their lives at the racetrack that give them their wonderful personality, all thanks to their trainers and all of the lovely staff involved during their racing career. - Laura Stock


Katie - GF Calamity Kate

In November we added a Wheeling retiree to our home, Katie - GF Calamity Kate  We already had one greyhound we adopted out of Florida and we loved him so much, we wanted to give him company. Katie has been a wonderful addition to our home; she loves cuddling, kisses, and FOOD! She's only been with us for just over a month but right away, she was part of the family. - Tracy Tong


Wilbert - Nb's Big Wave

NB's Big Wave aka Wilbert didn't come to us from WV, he came from Florida. The moment I read about the recent vote for the ban there, I was so heartbroken. Wilbert is one of the very best parts of my life, from the second he came into it two and a half years ago. He came to my family happy, healthy, full of personality and sass, and very definitely pre-spoiled-- and he is not the exception. I've also been privileged to foster a number of recent retirees of varying ages before they head to their forever homes. Like any other creature on this planet, they don't become such wonderful additions to a family if they've grown in an abusive or neglectful atmosphere. I am thankful everyday for the racing and adoption system that changed my life, and thankful for the people who work so hard to maintain it and maintain the temperament of these wonderful athletes. I am hoping beyond hope that future generations have the pleasure of enjoying these dogs as I have. - Nieva

CBJ Tootise Roll.jpg

Tootsie - CBJ Tootsie Roll

12 years ago while working at a restaurant with an outdoor kitchen I saw a dog, unlike any dog I had ever met. I stopped what I was doing in the kitchen and approached the man with the most beautiful dog I had ever seen and asked what it was. It was a retired greyhound. From that moment I knew I would have one. 

February 2019 I finally proceeded and chose CGAP, a month later Tootsie became part of my family. She is my friend, she is my children’s friend. Our daily routine is a walk down to the dog park. She is not just a pet, she’s a family member. When I have a rough day she is there. When the kids are sad she is there to give them a nuzzle. 

They are one of the best gifts to bring into a family. - Chris Little


Lobo Maggie

I had a wonderful Greyhound, racing name was  Lobo Maggie,  I adopted her at age 6 years  she was such a good dog, had no behavior issues. -  Diane Luckham


Rory - Fuzzface Arizona

I officially adopted Rory (Fuzzface Arizona) through TGAO on 11/27/15 after fostering her for almost 2 yrs.  After she retired and graduated from the OH prison program she was adopted by another family.  That, unfortunately, didn't work out for her. That's when she came to me so that I could work on her manners. During her stay with me it was determined that she needed to be an only dog and adopted by someone with greyhound experience.  Over time we developed a greyt respect for each other  so I decided that the best home for her was with me. Rory, at 9 years old, has become a loving and well behaved lady who still enjoys doing zoomies in the backyard - especially if there's new fallen snow! - Lorraine Kline


T's Longmire (photo), Sue This, Speedo Tuxedo

We've adopted 3 through WV. Our Loomis, T's Longmire, was our first, August 2014. He finished his amazing racing career in Wheeling WV in June 2014 at the young age of 2.5 yrs, when he broke his right hock. Was nursed back to health by Pam Webb and his racing owners covered the cost. 

Then we adopted our beautiful Zeus, Sue This, in October 2014. You know they are like potato chips, you can't just have one. He was raised by Pam Webb and then headed off to FL to begin his racing career, but came back to Wheeling to finish out his career and head into retirement. Some  races he won by 6 dog lengths, others he came in dead last. Some days he felt like running, other days, not so much.  He raced his final race over the rainbow bridge on September 24, 2018 and we still miss him so very much. 

And our last, but not final, adoptee out of Wheeling WV is our crazy, forever puppy, Speedo Tuxedo. He never raced in WV, but his adoption was handled by Deb Reed, through Wheeling WV. - Jan Duppstadt

JA's Bitsy.jpg

Olive - JA's Bitsy

Six years ago, I adopted a 4 month old greyhound puppy from a greyhound farm near Wheeling.  Her name is “Olive” and she would become my 11th greyhound.  My request was made by my friends,  a Wheeling trainer and his wife,  who asked the breeder to consider the next available pup be adopted to me.  For those who may not be aware, young greyhound pups are only adopted if they have suffered an accidental injury (mom steps on pup’s leg), or a life threatening health issue requiring veterinarian care.  That was the case with my pup.  She was diagnosed with Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI).  When the pancreas does not produce digestive enzymes it causes malnutrition, improper absorption of nutrients, chronic diarrhea and weight loss. Puppies are vulnerable to begin with and if this condition were not treated with a pancreatic supplement the puppy would starve to death in due time. 

The breeder was amazing by taking time out of his busy schedule to explain that compromised pups will never race the oval  but instead will be adopted into a loving home and live a normal life.   I was given a tour of the birthing area where each broodie has her own private room equipped with heat lamps, comfortable surroundings, music, and kennel help that sees to their every needs.  One of the kennel hands even bought my pup a huge ladybug pillow to snuggle up with at nap times.  

When I first saw my little Olive she was perfect, a beautiful black shiny coat, full of energy, and a real lovebug.  It was obvious she had received lots of cuddles and kisses, attention and even some simple training during her first 4 months of life at the farm.  Today, she has grown into a stunning greyhound whose love of life brings me joy and lots of smiles with her silly antics.   Oh, and one more thing, even though she would never race, the breeder surprised me and registered my Olive with the NGA (National Greyhound Association) as JA’s Bitsy.  - Shari O'Brien


Tom - Take Out Tom

I lost my sweet Joey in April of 2018 and it took us six months to get to the point of thinking about adoption. I was in the process of helping to arrange for a bus trip to Wheeling for our local adoption group (Personalized Greyhounds) so I reached out to the kennel there. We arranged for me to meet with available dogs while I was there in November. My husband's only request was a "big guy". When we arrived, Tom stood there at a whopping 81 pounds of dorky, sweet love. We spent some time together and then I left with the group to watch some racing. When I came back to visit again, he dropped his head on my shoulder as if to say "you're my human". At that point the adoption coordinator for my group said "he's yours". He came home to us three weeks later and I've loved the big lug ever since. He's my velcro dog, loves his pittie cousin who lives with us, will eat anything not nailed down, and can be a whole lot of trouble - but I wouldn't trade him for the world. So do I support racing in West Virginia - without a doubt! - Ilene Sauertieg


Grace - AMF Whisk

Our WV racing greyhound came to us through GPA - WI.  She had started her career racing at Wheeling before moving to Dairyland in Kenosha, WI for the last few months of her career (Sep 2009).  She was a adopted by a family in Oct 2009 who quickly decided that she was not a good fit for them and surrendered her back to GPA - WI.  We met her in Jan 2010 and instantly fell in love with her as did our border collie mix (part whippet so she thought Grace must be a distant cousin).  She was a wonderful addition to our family until her passing in Jun 2016 from an osteosarcoma-related medical issue.  She was our first greyhound but not our last as we adopted another retired racer (FL-based AJ's I'm Unique) six months after losing Grace.  The two of them have convinced us that retired racing greyhounds are the only breed for us! - Todd & Kim Toussaint


Kitty - CTW Kitty Kaboom

Kitty is such a doll of a greyhound. Her tail is always wagging and she loves everyone she meets.  Kitty has become an ambassador for greyhound adoption and attends the Arizona Renaissance Festival every February and March to promote greyhound adoption at the Greyhounds of Fairhaven booth.

KItty raced in both Virginia (Wheeling Island) and in Alabama.  It's my great luck she was brought to Arizona where I was able to adopt her from Greyhound Pets of Arizona.  She lives with me and her two adopted greyhound siblings, Tripel Karmeliet and Phoenix Tifosi. - Julia Sayre


Shawna - Surething Shawna and Bandit - PG Boss Bandit

We have two former WVA racers living with our pack. They all have their own personalities, but all of them are friendly and loving. Shawna is a bit more reserved while Bandit is very gregarious. We love our former racers and due to their awesome training and former careers, they're especially friendly and accepting of lots of people in our house. We also foster retired racers, many from WVA working with Rape Place Retire greyhounds. - Jeff & Crystal Hoffman


SS Oakley, Afleet Carita, EF Anna Blizzard (photo)

I’ve adopted 3 retired racers from West Virginia. All 3 were amazing and loved during their racing careers. I volunteer for Indy GPA. Don’t take away our greyhounds! - Elizabeth Mork


BD’s Flip, Flying Culloden, Joe Caputo, Flying Mancini, Craigiepridenjoy, Flying Rainelle, Zambezi Zinger and  Flying Chattaroy (photo)

All of these retired greyhounds grace my home, loving retirement in Paola, KS!  Thank you Wheeling and Tri-State for these awesome greys! - Shelley Lake

B's Hlla.jpg

Hoot - B's Halla

I meet Hoot back in June 2016 when he and his littermates arrived at Steubenville Kennel at Wheeling. The cute little brindle boy with the HUGE paws, and his sweet little self. I quickly fell in love with Hoot, and could often be found hanging out in his crate with him. Part of this was due to his crate shyness, and working with him through that, but part of it was in the hope he would retire and come home to me, that he would know me. It was amazing to be part of a racer’s life, and to see them as they mature as a racer. On November 9, 2016, Hoot stumbled during a race and fell into the rail. He was IMMEDIATELY attended to by the lead out that stands at the end of the tote board, as well as the lead out by the start box. He had hit his head, was unconscious, and IMMEDIATELY brought to the track vet, who was ready and waiting for him. Steubenville kennel hand Rhea was there with him, by his side. He gained consciousness and diagnosed with a skull fracture. His injury is reported on the monthly injury report - not hidden. And - he wasn’t euthanized. He was evaluated by an onsite skilled vet, got some pain meds and returned to the kennel for some rest and recovery (and lots of marshmallows). Hoot officially schooled back on December 16, 2016, and was back to race in grade A on December 23, 2016. Hoot continued to race - back to A and even three AA! - with his healed fracture. Hoot has a dent in his 'forehead' - but couldn't care less about it - that earned him the nickname Hootnstein .The thought of being able to bring him home became more of a reality. It would be a dream come true to know a racer as much as I knew Hoot, and to have that racer on my couch. That day came on September 1, 2018. Hoot took to retirement with ease, and blended into our pack. It continues to be a dream come true to have Hoot in retirement, where he continues to be quite the hoot! - Gillian Lee

Hallo ICU Later.jpg

Later - Hallo ICU Later

Later was our first foster dog and raced in Wheeling.  Later was an easygoing and loved her treats.  As we were getting her ready for her forever home, little did we know she would come back into our lives.  As no fault of her own, she was returned to the group a few years later.  We were able to start fostering her again, then decided she was not going anywhere again.  She enjoyed going to ocean, being with pets and her humans.   Even though, we only had her, again, for a short period of time, she lived everyday to the fullest.  - Nicole Aruge

devil and faraway eyes.jpg

Kelsos Daredevil, Faraway Eyes

Thanks to GRA & CFGA, I have had my 2 beautiful greyhounds for2.5 and 2 years.  Both were the best decisions I have ever made.  Both Quinn & Devil have their own unique personalities, but are both full of love for myself and all humans (they get quite upset on walks when people do not stop to greet them!).  The longer they are retired, the more their individual personalities shine through.  They are the most perfect and cherished companions you could ask for, thanks to all the love and training they received from those that loved them for the first 2 phases of their lives, prior to retiring.  Everyone should be lucky enough to experience the love of a greyhound firsthand. - Tanya McMurdo


Wally - Tnj Boy Howdy

I first met Wally on January 23, 2016.  Good lord—how would I remember this litter’s call names from their race names! Wally quickly became one of my favourites. There was just something about the ‘black stallion’ that I fell in love with. Whenever I was at Steubenville I would take the time to get my hugs from Wally. Wally LOVES to hug! I thoroughly enjoyed watching Wally race, and see how happy he was to do so. He always raced with his heart and gave it his all. I didn’t take notice of his grades—just how much he excelled and loved it. In November 2018, it was time for Wally to retire. At that time, it wasn’t in the cards for him to come home to me, so he headed to Camp Greyhound Adoption Program to be adopted. It was bittersweet when it came time for him to leave the kennel, and I was sure to get one last hug from Wally. 

On April 15, Wally came to me as a behavioural foster. He had been adopted and returned twice, and we were wondering what was going on with him. Some of what the adopters had reported didn’t sound like my “Wally-WuWu”. At that point, I had four greyhounds of my own, and it was not in the cards to add a fifth! I worked with Wally as a behavioural foster—there was no preferential treatment in my evaluation. Wally went through the boot camp program of alone time training, crate desensitization, ‘leave it take it’ feeding, noise exposure, leash manners, squirrel reactivity—the whole gauntlet!  

I told myself to give Wally six months. Six months as a foster, and we’ll see. Having four was “a lot” and my little Kia Rondo was hardly big enough for them, let alone a fifth! 
I started writing Wally’s foster profile. And I couldn’t. Wally had been through enough change. And.  He was home. While driving back after purchasing a Chrysler Minivan to replace the Rondo, I messaged Karen and asked about formally adopting Wally. On June 18, 2019, Wally officially came home. His NGA owner and kennel families are still very much a part of his life. Wally is who is BECAUSE of them - because of all the care, love, attention and support THEY provided him. I just get to relish in their work with a phenomenal pet! - Gillian Lee



Charger - TMC's Charger

I always wanted to experience a day in the life of racing greyhound.  One day my friends, who were trainers in Wheeling, let me spend the day with them.   That day, Wayne told me he had a racer I should meet, since he smiles (and I’m a sucker for the smilers).  Well that is all it took was one smile and almost two years later of following his career from Wheeling to Derby Lane.  I even took a trip to Florida (during the summer) to see him. Charger is the most easy going dog. - Nicole Argue

Wild Angel K.jpg

Angel - Wild Angel K

This is Angel aka Wild Angel K who now resides in Michigan. She started her racing career in Florida and then moved to Wheeling, West Virginia. You may ask how I know that and the answer is that I looked it up. We have so much access to information about our loved ones. Also a woman who was involved with my Angel saw our adoption photo on the G.R.A.C.E. Facebook page and she posted about how happy she was to see Angel in  a forever home. Also, she said that the trainer would be informed and that he would be very happy for her as she was as favorite of his. She also mailed me a couple of programs that had Angels races in them. This is an awesome thing for me because I’m a scrapbooker and have a book just for my dog. Don’t tell me that the people involved with the dogs don’t care because I know for a fact that they do! I now have a dog that my children and I love with our whole hearts! Angel loves to run laps in my back yard and play with toys inside. She’s a well adjusted dog that just happened to run in races for awhile! Thanks for reading this, - Sue Herron

Amf Sassy Lexi.jpg

Lexi - AMF Sassy Lexi

Lexi living the wonderful retired life at her home in Northern Michigan - Phyllis Minor


*name not submitted*

I recently adopted a Greyhound from WV. I live in Canada. I can tell you he's just the best dog ever.  He is so friendly to everyone and everything. He even chased my neighbor's cat that was running around loose attached to a long rope and escaped into our yard but didn't harm her in anyway...took a big scratch on his nose from her though. We even have a bunny who he loves. 
The most amazing thing, was I recently got him tested to be a therapy dog in our community because he's so friendly... I had no idea what I was getting into and he had no previous dog obedience training other than from his racing training.  Anyway, he ended up passing all 13 test over 2 hours in a room with 20 other dogs with flying colours. He's now part of the Peterborough Central East therapy dogs. I can't say enough as to how he was probably previously trained and cared for because he is so nice and kind and loves people so much.  He also loves to run and I think racing is a big part of these dogs’ lives and it is a very short part, which should continue as long as they're retired afterwards. - RMHORSE

Coach Boss.jpg

Boss - Coach Boss

When I semi-retired we decided a companion greyhound could fit into our lives. We met Boss (Coach Boss) and with Maude’s approval he came home with us too. These two couch potatoes enjoyed sleeping eating and many walks with us. Unfortunately Boss developed a severe limp which was ultimately diagnosed as Osteosarcoma. The pain of losing him after 15 months seemed unbearable. - Rita & Rick Hanesiak

DB Gardenia.jpg

Gardenia - DB Gardenia

We have had our precious Gardenia 2 years now, she is the most endearing sweetest Velcro pup!  She was being fostered at our other greys ( Lolly) babysitter,  an Gardenia came right up to my husband and I and was just so friendly, an wanted us to continually pet her, i fell in love with her right off!  So we got some info on her, went home and talked about it, we lost a grey 3 years earlier to cancer which really devastated us both, so we were still cautious, but knew Lolly missed some company also.  So we took the plunge again and adopted Gardenia, she has enriched our lives so much, she is the silliest dog I have ever known, loves to run an play an do zoomies around the yard, especially has become an expert hole digger, she will come in from digging an have dirt in her teeth, in her ears all over her fur and be so proud of herself, Gradenia an Lolly love long walks, an they love the beach and the water. Her favorite treats are knuckle bones, and a dog biscuit every time she comes in from outside. Gardenia turned 8 in December.  - Colleen Cairns


Ace - TDS Skittles

We adopted Ace, he’s our first greyhound and we love him dearly. He’s a amazing gentle dog who loves everyone. We hope to adopt another someday and would love to have another in our home! - Tracey Diorio

Gustave H Herbs N Spice.jpg

Wiggles - Herbs N Spice

Gustave - Gustave H

I adopted my first greyhound in November 2017, Gustave H.  I was nervous because they always say, “you cannot believe everything you read”.  I thought I would end up with a hyper out of control dog. It took one week for Gustave to fit in.  It was a little longer to get him walking properly on a leash but he has been the perfect dog.  So perfect, I adopted another.  Herbs’n Spice, call name Wiggles, was a broody. Wiggles has been the sweetest, lovable dog.   I walk the two of them every day.  It was easy to see that they are very sensitive dogs but I did not know that the majority of people thought they were abused.  Everyday people would walk up to me and tell me what a great person I was for taking them in.  I always responded, “they are the best dogs”.  Now I know what they meant and I correct people all of the time.  My dogs could never have been mistreated, they would not have the personalities they have if they were.  They love to run and play.  I have always thought that even though Gustave loves his retired life, that given the choice, he would go back to racing.  I have many people that come through my house on a daily basis and they all love my dogs. I adopted my greyhounds from two different adoption groups and the people involved with both of them are so caring. They are available to help with any questions that you may have and sometimes when a very unfortunate circumstance arises they will rehome the dog.  Retired racers have the best support to make sure they have a great retirement.  I sincerely hope these dogs are able to continue to race because they clearly love it. - Jenny Perry


Lucky Janeyscott,

Better With Age (photo)

As a veteran teacher, I readily accept that my students are a product of both nature and nurture. However, prior to adopting my first retired racer in 2015, I believed the outdated information, statistics taken out of context and outright lies that I had read and heard. When I adopted Janey, who raced until she was 4 and then spent a year at a breeding farm in West Virginia, I believed I had rescued her even though she was healthy, good-natured and gentle from the day she arrived in my home.

My light bulb moment occurred when I started fostering for my adoption group, Greyhound Pet Adoptions of Delaware, and noticed that every foster dog that arrived from the Mardi Gras, West Virginia adoption kennel was healthy, good-natured and gentle, right off the track. I started thinking that, if children are a combination of their genetics plus how they’re raised, why wouldn’t the same be true for dogs? It’s just common sense that, if I adopt a dog at 5 years of age, the credit for her disposition has to go to whoever owned and raised her before she became my pet.

I joined The Pro Greyhound Movement Facebook page and read posts written by people who are or have been in the greyhound racing industry. The love they have for their dogs was apparent from their comments, photos & videos. Via Facebook, I found the owner of my second greyhound, who confessed that she almost took Ellie home and kept her when she retired because “she was such a sweetheart.”

Then, as I got more involved with my adoption group, I drove to Charleston, WV and met greyhound breeders, owners, trainers, handlers, and adoption kennel workers. Again, the love they have for their dogs was obvious. More importantly, I saw how happy and healthy the dogs are and how excited they get when it’s time to race.

Frank Zappa said, “A mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it’s not open.” I hope the members of the WV legislature won’t blindly accept what they’re being told about racing greyhounds by anti-racing zealots. Instead, I hope they’ll have an open mind, do their own research, and then vote to let greyhounds continue doing what they love to do. I know I will be forever grateful to the people at the farm and the track who loved my dogs before I did. - Sandi Roberts


AMF Parker, Mohawk Trent, Call of Duty, Pa’s Mr. Goodbar, Abita Sundance (photo), Craigie Maxfli

All six of our greyhounds have done all or part of their racing in West Virginia. When you first pick up your new greyhound one of the first thing that strikes you is how well- cared for these dogs have been. It’s obvious from their demeanour that they’ve had loving care. They are so gentle, loving and friendly. Greyhound kennels have a vested interest in providing the best of care for these amazing canine athletes, otherwise they wouldn’t perform at a high level. They make the best pets once retired and show absolutely no sign of mistreatment. All of our greys have lived long, healthy lives of 13-14 years. The racing industry breeding practices work to maintain the breed’s integrity and health and are highly regulated to ensure quality care. This is not the case for breeders of other breeds, where inbreeding and health problems often plague a popular dog breed. Racing adds economic opportunity for the state in so many ways and there are always adopters ready to welcome a retired greyhound into a loving home. - Starr Holmes


Flying Girl Lee

We adopted our beautiful girl in September of 2018.  I had always admired the greyhounds & wanted one, but was unable to convince my husband.  This sweet girl won our hearts immediately.  She has been a pure delight from the very beginning.  She is my walking companion & lives everyone we meet along the way.  I was amazed at the ease of transition into our home. If we were younger ( not in our 70s!) we would adopt another one in a heartbeat!  I love to watch her runs laps in the back yard!  I can’t thank you all enough for the gift of this wonderful dog. - Roberta & John Blattau

CBJ Fly Lee.jpg

Lee - CBJ Fly Lee

I just adopted Lee Sep 2019. I just lost one of my greyhounds and the remaining needed to be with a greyhound despite having another dog. Racing greyhounds are the only group of dogs I know where you can get tonnes together and they all get along. It’s their upbringing.

Lee entered my home, like the other 4 before him, with minimal issues. His upbringing, training, track life and trainers did such a good job taking care of all the greyhounds I have had from the track. They are stunning, beautiful athletes who are who they are because of racing. They love to run and have a job. But there is no way you can force a greyhound to run. When retired they enter into lovely homes due to all the trainers, owners and adoption groups that take well care of them. Thank you all for giving me my racing greyhounds. People need to educate. I had a tour behind the scenes at the SOC kennels. Every single dogs was happy, healthy and relaxed to see me. It will be a very sad day if greyhound racing ends as this will end the greyhound breed as we know. I hope to home more racing greyhound in my life over the next 30 years. - Erika Sharples

AMF Lucy Goosey.jpg

Caitlyn - AMF Lucy Goosey

Caitlyn joined my family as a foster and wound up staying forever. Along with my other retired Greyhound and Miniature Dachshund she helps me transition new fosters from track to home. After many decades involved with this tremendous breed I cannot imagine my life without a retired Greyhound in it as they are so well socialized, loving, playful and have a great sense of humor. - Susan E Skolnick

cbj caramel.jpg

Caramel - CBJ Caramel

I found out about Camp Greyhound Adoption Program through a friend of mine. She's a volunteer for that group and so far she fostered 17 greyhounds.  Caramel was one of them.

He's the biggest gift our family could possibly get. I've been always scared to make that decision. Our son has been asking for us to get a dog for over 2 years.  I wasn't scared of responsibilities. My biggest fear was coping with grief once your pet is gone. My friend made me realize that the joy of having a greyhound is worth everything. Seeing her passion and love for her dogs made me overcome my fears. Now I know...having a greyhound is the best life experience. Caramel is the best therapy after a hard day. He makes us smile all the time, gets us out of the house even more.  Knowing more and more about this breed is fascinating. On top of that you become a member of this great community while you experience such a beautiful unconditional love our greyhounds give us. - Sylvia Kustra


Kenny Rogers

We adopted Kenny Rogers through the Crazy for Greyhounds Adoption group here in Ontario. We actually waited 6 months for him as there was a wait list...ex racers are in demand! He is the perfect dog: fearless, gentle, and as sweet as can be. We owe so much of what makes him amazing to his life as a racer. Being handled by strange people, walking perfectly on the leash, an excellent car traveller. Kenny was treated well throughout his racing career...why else would be so friendly with strangers and calm? The love of running is written all over his face when we visit off-leash parks and he can blast off for a few minutes. He retired at age 2.5 due to an ankle injury and was vetted and fostered before joining our family. Keep greyhound racing alive! - Tamara Danylchenko


Mickey's Molly,  Justin Memory, RHT Calibur (photo)

I have been in greyhound adoption for 20 years.  I have adopted 20+ greyhounds, including seniors,  handicapped, young and old.  Please see the truth of greyhound racing. Let the hounds tell you the truth. Do not listen to the lies. - Nancy Mickey


Fury - Cet Fury Octane

My husband and I adopted Fury in September of  2019 and despite being 89lbs he has been a perfect apartment companion. He loves to sleep (roughly 16 hours a day), he adores people, and he hardly ever barks. There have been some adjustments since everything about our home is new, but I’ve been impressed with how well he’s handled them. He is quite shy of other dogs he meets around our apartment complex (he had not met a non-greyhound before coming to live with us). Fury has never once acted aggressively to other dogs or people. Going down steep stairs are another challenge so my husband must carry him down some steps. Sometimes unexpected things will make him very scared or nervous- like the ceiling fan. Aside from these little hiccups, he’s the sweetest animal. All of our friends and family comment on how remarkably behaved he is. He was in multiple homes and around dozens of new people over his first holiday season with us and he simply slept through all the hustle and bustle. We are so proud of him. - Taylor Lusk


Pedro - BGR D Pedroia

Pedro came to my home in June of 2018.  He arrived as a foster, just approx. 15 hours after leaving Wheeling track.  He arrived in perfect health.  He was immediately loving, affectionate, and happy.  He is a giant goof who wags his tail quite a lot.  I fell in love and adopted him.  I couldn't let him go.  He is a perfect greyhound ambassador because everywhere we go, he greets any man, woman, or child with that happy tail and soft eyes of love.  Please do not let the hate groups poison your minds.  Keep West Virginia racing.   Thank you. - Holly White


Mark2 - Followthebuzzard

We absolutely our boy. He is our fourth grey - all have been retired racers. Our WV hound has been the perfect help for us as we have started fostering other hounds from WV. They interact so well together. It always amazes us to see how compatible greys are with other greys. And that is all due to their upbringing as racing hounds. Keep racing alive!! - Judith Hull


Main Man Mavrick

We adopted our amazing boy from GpA Delaware once he retired from racing at Tri-state. We weren’t looking for a second greyhound at the time but once we saw his profile we knew we wanted to adopt him. He came to us as a sweet, lovable, well behaved boy BECAUSE of the love and training he received while he was racing. We are so thankful he is ours and he had such an amazing trainer before he joined our family. He’s our daughters best friend and snuggles with her every night. - Beth DiPasqua

Ds Almond.jpg

Almond - DS Almond

My boy never had the pleasure of racing in WV, majority of racing career was in Florida. However, he was adopted thru Wheeling Island Greyhound Adoption. We've always enjoyed the races at Wheeling and when we lost our last dog we decided to adopt a retired racer. I've taken him to WIGAC events, including walking in the Christmas parade twice. His former owner loves getting updates on him on Facebook. Being from Florida I was surprised to have the opportunity to meet his former trainer in Wheeling, who is now training in Wheeling. She remembered him and told me alot about him and his siblings. He is the great dog he is because of his history, not in spite of it. Btw, when visiting the track he wanted to get back out there, no denying he enjoyed racing. - Rebecca Williams


Horance Black, Horance Parker, Venus Episode, Santa Fe Bullet, Mony Mony, Pointe Given, Go Greytesscape (photo)

We've been involved in greyhound adoption for about 18 years and had the privilege to adopt 7 wonderful greyhounds 5 of which came from WV .  I've been to WV to the track as well as visiting several farms. An amazing dedicated hard working group of people. I'm proud to meet and know them. - Valerie Goddard


(Spa)Tula - Rico's Sepultura

Rico's Sepultura was a lousy racer! She ended her career at Wheeling Downs and raced right into my heart. She was called Spatula in the kennel so we decided to keep her kennel name and just shorten it to Tula. I could tell by this dog's personality that she was well taken care of, loved and happy. She is such a part of the family. Keep the greyhounds racing!! they love to run, Tula has her own racetrack in our fenced in yard and she runs daily. - Joyce Ann Porter


Judge - Backwood Judge

George has been with us 4.5 years, along with his Daytona bro Fred. He has been simply awesome, great with strangers, and just a treat to be around. 93 races at Wheeling. - Greg Goodman


Granny - Wv's Granny

We met Brent Burns, owner of Country Roads Kennel, in 1997 and were given the honor of touring his racing kennel. Due to our interest Mr. Burns gave us his web information, so we could follow all the dogs in his racing kennel. This was when met Granny, one of the Beverly Hillbillies litter. We followed Granny's career for over a year and received regular updates on her. We were also blessed to develop a great relationship with Mr. Burns and his staff, due to the many trips to TriState. Nothing sweeter than standing at the rail, watching the dogs spring from the box, paws pounding like thunder, as they ran past. One evening Mr. Burns called us and said Granny was ready to retire, when could we come to get her? The next day my husband drove up to bring her home. Granny was our 4th Greyhound, she stole our hearts and ruled our pack with a iron paw. Smartest Greyhound we ever owned. And run, oh how she loved to run, smiling, tongue hanging out, no one beat this little girl, retired, not even! Osteo stole her from us when she was just 10 years old. Lord willing, she is healthy again, running in a green meadow with the wind blowing gently past her ears, till we meet again. - Chris Ausman


Gigi - Rs's Good Girl

My husband and I recently adopted our Gigi. Although it hasn’t been long, it feels like Gigi has always been apart of our home. She is the sweetest most gentle soul. She is now 5 years old, the only reason why she is so kind is because of her previous environment. She was always well cared for, well fed, and she loooovveeesssss all dogs and humans. After we adopted Gigi a family friend who knew Gigi prior to our adoption added us on Facebook. We were able to see first hand how happy and well cared for Gigi was. Even after adoption they are asking how she’s doing and telling me how much she is missed. We are so in love with our greyhound and are so thankful for the organization. We will only adopt ex-racers from here on out! Thank you thank you thank you!! - Alyssa & Curtis Perry



My friend, Laura Pike, picked Beau up as a puppy from the farm, his mom laid on him and broke his leg. He went home with Greyhound Adoption League of Buffalo, NY. On Sunday, he traveled to Toledo, Ohio and then on to Chicago, where he had surgery to repair his fracture. A few days later, I picked him up in Chicago and he came to live with me and his new sister, Bailey, who was 2 days younger than him. Beau turned 9 years old on December 27, 2019. I loved him so much and have lots of pictures of him with his jammies and sweatshirt on. We teased him that he didn't like our cold Iowa winters because he was a West Virginia boy!! - Janet Stoefen

fire power.jpg

Power - Ct Fire Power

We adopted Power in May 2019, beautiful, happy healthy guy and have fallen in love with this sweet boy.  He is a loving part of our family which includes our 2 sons, Labrador retriever and a cat.  

We can’t wait to adopt another in future.  Greyhounds are amazing and I thank Wheeling for taking such great care in raising and training him. - Jacquie Hebert

SEs War Boots.jpg

Boots - SE’s War Boots

He chose to live out his retirement with us in Ontario Canada 🇨🇦. To be picked by not one but two of these beautiful souls is humbling. When we met Boots, he made it clear that he wanted to come home with us. Although Boots never raced, he was obviously well loved and treated, he is just a love bug.  A very laid back beautiful black boy with a huge personality is the perfect match for our girl who DeeDee (Deja Poo from Alabama). Both hounds chose us on the same day, we call them our specials! We know if the dogs do not want to run on the track they get the ultimate prize - a retirement couch! #retirednotdead Thank you for our beautiful boy! With out the racetracks parts of our hearts and couches would be empty.  Keep West Virginia greyhounds racing, so we can have our retired couch potatoes with the big beautiful hearts! - Renée Wood

CBJ Poppin.jpg

Poppy - CBJ Poppin

In August 2017 we lost our golden retriever and although we said we would not get another dog it did not take long before we felt something was missing. When we started looking for another dog we decided we wanted to adopt vs purchase a puppy. The first thought that came to mind was to adopt are tired racing greyhound. Back in 1992 we adopted our first greyhound and shew as the sweetest, most gentle, friendly family pet we have ever had. We were fortunate enough to adopt our beautiful girl Poppin (formerly CBJ Poppin) from Camp Greyhound in Orillia, Ontario.  She has added so much joy and love to our lives and we cannot imagine life without her. She has adapted to life in a house so easily and has made so many friends …both human and canine. People stop me on the street when I am walking her and thank me for rescuing her. I tell them she is retired not rescued and she is so sweet and friendly because of how she was treated by those who raised her and raced her. She is not an exception as I have met so many other retired racers through Camp Greyhound. I would recommend adopting a retired racer to anyone. - Sue Wild

TMCS Go For it.jpg

Gofer - TMC's Go For It

In 2012, I met Steubenville Kennel at Wheeling trainers Wayne & Cheryl. I knew when the time came to add a third greyhound to my pack of two greyhounds already, it would be a ‘Wayne and Cheryl’ hound. They and the Steubenville team loved all the racers in their care - whether they were grade AA or a flunk out. I met Gofer in 2013 when he arrived to Steubenville. He quickly became Assistant Trainer Cheryl’s favourite - and a pain in Trainer Wayne’s butt with his obnoxious loud-mouth bark, six-foot vertical leaps, and uncanny ability to shred a carpet within seconds! To me, Gofer was just another racer - he got equally spoiled and dotted on - and I got to know him over the next two years. On January 18, 2015, I received a one-line text message: “Gofer needs a forever home.” On January 24, 2015, Gofer arrived home - complete with his OMG EVERYTHING IS AWESOME attitude. To this day, Gofer hasn’t lost this. EVERYTHING is awesome - he absolutely loves life, and everything that happens. Whether it is something routine like getting fed, or going for a walk, or having snuggles - it is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME. Gofer has never forgotten the love, attention and care he was showered with, and loves being reunited with his kennel family. Gofer is a phenomenal advocate for how loving and outgoing this breed can be - he absolutely loves meeting everyone - and doesn’t know what the word ‘stranger’ means. It simply is a friend he has not met yet. Having Gofer as part of my pack means I can never have a bad day. He is always there with a smile on, ready to celebrate whatever the day brings. This has nothing to do with me - this has to do with how much care and attention he received as a pup, during training, and as a racer. It is exceptionally upsetting when people falsely accused the industry of abuse and neglect, and want to end something they have never experienced and have no first hand knowledge of. There isn’t a better antidepressant than a ‘Gofer’. - Gillian Lee

Mac's Samerton Kiowa Not Know.jpg

Sam - Mac's Somerton

Kiowa - Kiowa Not Now

I have since added Sam (Mac’s Somerton), and soon after Kiowa Not Now, to the family through Greyhound Lovers of Hamilton Wentworth. Again, both had been lovingly cared for and were absolutely lovely in temperament and personality.  Sam is such a sweetheart, and Kiowa is gentle and smart. Both would make excellent therapy dogs. These hounds have shared my life, as well as the lives of my daughter and our other pets (including small dogs and a cat). - Cassandra Weimann

Along cake Maude.jpg

Maude - Along Cake Maude

Within days of losing our first greyhound Star, our home was so empty we decided to visit GRA the next week and found our amazing Maude (
Along Cake Maude) from Birmingham Alabama. She was 4 and we brought her home the day we met her. Silly sassy Maude is still with us at 13 1/2 years old. We treasure every minute with her. - Rita & Rick Hanesiak


Universe - BH Universe

We got him in summer last year, what a wonderful addition to our family, can’t imagine us not having him. - William Butler

Prince and Rocco.jpg


Trump - B's Trump

I adopted our first greyhound years ago and loved her dearly and missed her so much when she passed. Time went by and we had some other wonderful breeds but  every time I saw a greyhound it always brought back memories of how special she was to me. We adopted Prince (Florida greyhound) in April 2018 as a companion for our old Aussie Jake and then we lost him soon after. This time we needed a companion for Prince and in August 2018 once again we contacted Karen Ward at Camp Greyhound in Ontario for her assistance. Our timing was perfect as Karen had just gotten back from West Virginia with several dogs and asked if we would like to foster ‘B’s Trump' and see how the two bonded. We didn’t even get home before we decided that we were through with fostering and this little fellow was joining our family. This lovely boy, now named Rocco, took over the house that first week, never making a mess and settled in quickly. He is calm, healthy, happy and eager to please. We know that this was all due to the socialization, training, love and caring he received throughout his racing career. He is so smart and becomes more affectionate as time goes on. He can be a little naughty at times, but just enough to keep us laughing with his crazy antics. We thank all involved with raising this wonderful dog and consider ourselves very lucky to have him as our own. I think that the only problem with having a West Virginia greyhound is that you just keeping wanting more! Thank you so much for all your good work. - Laura Maxwell


Royal Reba

In December 2019, my husband and I adopted our first greyhound, Royal Reba, who was a champion racer from West Virginia, via CrazyforGreyhounds adoption of Ontario and the Wheeling Island Greyhound Adoption Centre. She has been the most wonderful and happy addition to our family and has transitioned so well from her racing career to residential life. I am an advocate of greyhound and horse racing, and enjoy watching and betting on such sports as well as dining and staying at nearby hotels. The racing industry is an important economic support for many communities across North America, employing many people and contributing to families' income and wellbeing. - Sue Masswohl


Jammin Jock

We live in Eastern Ontario, and our first and best dog came from a West Virginia race track. He is an old soul, and still with us today. He is a dog that taught us patience with silly little things that a typical pet dog would have no issues with, like not knowing how to walk up and down the stairs or using an elevator. And he is such a well behaved un-spookable dog that I think was only developed due to growing up in a racing environment working with so many people every day, being handled regularly for veterinary care, being expected to behave in a car and on a leash, being used to all sorts of noises. He came to us an excellent dog that just needed to learn to relax and enjoy the "retirement life." I follow a few racing kennels on Facebook and it's inspiring how much they care about the dogs they raise and train. Almost all dogs are relocated into homes as pets at the end of their career, and some kennels even keep in touch. The end of greyhound racing is the eradication of the breed, and the termination of the livelihoods of people who work with these dogs. Finally, I selfishly do not want to see the end of greyhound racing as it will mean I would never be able to adopt another retired racer and spend time with this truly unique breed. - Lily


Albert - Flying Vagabond

We began fostering with Crazy for Greyhound Adoption (Norwich ON Canada) in 2019. We have had the pleasure of welcoming 3 amazing Greyhounds into our home. We fell in love with each one, our third however we loved so much we couldn't imagine our family without him anymore. We adopted "Albert" in October. He fits in perfectly with my husband and I as well as our 6 year old daughter and 3 year old poodle. He is a gentle giant with a very determined personality. He is so affectionate and so much fun. He loves people and attention, he his walks and his food. He demands comfort and enjoys his sleep on a toddler bed wrapped in a duvet. He wasn't fond of the cold weather but has adjusted well and now loves romping in the snow. He is famous in the neighborhood and happily greets his adoring fans. We feel truly blessed to have him in our family and couldn't love him more. - Jane & Gavin Basarke


Gino - CRT Don Gino

41/2 yrs ago my beloved retiree came into my life, it was a delicate time for me, emotionally and mentally.  I had wanted a dog for a long time but waited until I was truly ready to invest the time and dedicate myself to a new family member.  My guy was very, very shy. Scared of his new beginning as a pet, neither of us had any clue what to do or what we were in for.  All I knew is that I needed him more than the other way around.  Helping him adjust to his new life over the course of 12 months helped me focus on learning new things that were integral and life sustaining for my new beloved fur baby and allowed me the time to get out of my headspace at such a difficult time in my life.  Having him around gave me something to look forward to coming home after a long day, something else to focus on other than myself, my thoughts.  He encouraged me to talk to people I otherwise would not have, and through that I have made some wonderful friends.  Watching him blossom into the family member he is now is incredible.  He is the perfect pet. There are dogs and there are other dogs and then there are Greyhounds.  You don’t know how fortunate we are that these retired racers have the foundation they do from puppyhood.  It would be a terrible shame if the hounds we know and love today cease to be the hounds of the future.  I couldn’t and wouldn’t want another dog in my life other than a retired racer.  From whelping to training and racing these hounds have the care, love and connection to humans that most dogs and animals do not have.  Let the greyhounds thrive!!! - Sonia


Bella - Cheryl Holdridge

We have only had Bella (Isabella) for a few months but she is a wonderful addition to our family.  She has a peacefulness to her which is making her an excellent companion to each of us.  She is a great ambassador for her breed as all of her training and handling has meant that when we meet strangers she is pleasant, calm and friendly.  While I understand that there are some dogs who have been abused, I think that is probably true of any animals and any industry (I have worked for bad bosses but we don't outlaw being an accountant to protect accountants from bad bosses).  I know, that Bella has been well-bred and well-cared for and loved throughout her life by many people who have wanted the best for her.  To watch the recordings of her races, it is clear that she LOVED to run/race.  To have denied her the opportunity to run would have been more of a problem than to have trained her to run.  She has been a blessing to our family and I am grateful to all the people who have had a part in bringing her to us. - Nancy Evans


T Top Episode

We adopted our first greyhound six years ago. I’ve never had a purebred dog before. These racers are the most amazing pets ever. Our latest adoptee is the funniest dog I’ve ever had. I can’t imagine my life without a greyhound in it! - Eileen Colquhoun

Grim Beavers.jpg

Grimmie - Grim Beavers

We had the pleasure of adopting Grimmie from CGAP in the spring of 2018. He is the quirkiest member of our family of 5. The personality he has brought into our lives has been just what we needed. He helps keep us active and adventurous and shows us love in his own ways. Grimmie may have retired from the racetrack, but he still runs like the wind and is so happy doing so with us always close by. He brings so much excitement to everyone he meets. I couldn't imagine life without Grim and hope that in the future we will be able to adopt another retired greyhound and share our joy!!! They are precious!! - Victoria Merner

huge hymn.jpg

Huge Hymn

I have been in the greyhound business since I was born! I have always wanted to have a greyhound, I just never had the opportunity to bring one home until 2 years ago! Huge hymn has stole all of our hearts! He is a huge part of our family! He went from racing at wheeling island, to racing around our 5 acres of property! He absolutely loves running in the yard and throwing his toys up to himself, it’s quite a treat to watch! He is definitely enjoying every bit of retirement! - Anna Jarrett

bh gypsy.jpg

Gypsy - Bh Gypsy

We adopted Gypsy through Camp Greyhound. She is a wonderful family pet. She loves to run and we take her to a dog park every day where she can run, as she is designed to do. She has obviously been well treated in her racing life as she loves people and is not afraid. Guidelines for racing are very strict in North America and she was very well cared for. Please don’t stop greyhound racing. Just stay on top of the regulations. 

We had to go through a process to adopt Gypsy with references and an interview. Camp Greyhound stay in touch with us and follow her progress. - Ann Bloodworth


Jean - Jean Krupa

Our Jean Krupa raced for Lester Raines Kennel. I guess you could say I didn't really adopt Jean, as much as I just brought her home. I co-owned Jean with her breeder. When she retired from racing, with I might add no injuries, she went back to her breeder and bad 2 litters of puppies, and then we brought her home. I hope to have another dog racing in West Virginia in the future. - Candace Beck


Turbo Nadine

Adopted her at close to 5 years of age. She is my 7th retired racer and my soul mate. She has learned to swim, competed in agility and rally and has done the US Canine Biathlon in Anniston, Alabama. She is the happiest most confident dog i have ever owned. She just loves all people and is very outgoing. No way was this dog ever abused, no way! - Char Davidson


Gimp - AMF Dirt Devil

2014 was a bittersweet year for me. It was the year our daughter was born after years of trying to become parents. It was also the year we lost both our Greyhounds 9 months apart. They were 13 and 14 years old respectively. I knew we would adopt another Grey when the time was right and our daughter was old enough. Fast forward to December 2018, we submitted our application to Crazy for Greyhounds and waited eagerly. We were matched with a 4 year old Fawn girl with the black tail whom we named Ginger. My then 4 year old daughter was thrilled to have a "greyhound sister" who was the exact same age as her. My daughter and Ginger are buddies who love each other very much. Greyhounds thrive on routine and Ginger is no exception. Everyday, myself and Ginger escort my daughter to her bus stop to catch her school bus. Once she is on her bus, Ginger and I take our daily walk for at least 30 minutes. Ginger LIVES for her walks and gets impatient when she thinks we should be getting ready for the bus. When 3pm rolls around , she starts getting antsy. She knows it's almost time to meet the bus again. I am thankful for Ginger everyday. She is my walking buddy who keeps me honest. She won't let me skip a walk by reminding me when we need to go for our walk even when I don't feel like it. With her by my side, I've lost 25lbs and my health is improving. My cholesterol is better and my diabetes has improved. Ginger is a sweet soul and very special to her new family. We are blessed to have a Grey to complete our family. - Danielle


DJ's Summer, Dodgem's Magic, DJ's Apollo, Big Red Rufus, Quirky Rebellion (photo)

I have run these five dogs at Wheeling and Tri State in the past few years.  I have adopted them all out to personal friends.  I plan to help Jenn Boswell at the Pro Greyhound booth at GIG in 2020. - Dianne Shadle

Ds Almond.jpg

Prosperity - Prosperity WV C

We brought Prosperity/Castiel into our home as a foster dog. He had retired after breaking a leg, which his racing owner paid to have fixed and rehabbed.  Within days he had won our hearts and we realized there was no way we could let him go. Now he works with us at the Carolina Renaissance Festival as a breed ambassador promoting greyhound adoption to thousands and giving the public a chance to meet a greyhound in real life! - Emily


Triathalon - Bs Triathlon 

I’m writing about our recently retired racer, Arrow (BS Triathlon). He’s our first greyhound and is an excellent ambassador of the breed! We’ve had him for a little over 3 months and he’s such a joy and wonderful addition to our family. Our daughter is the reason we decided to adopt a greyhound- she suffers from anxiety and did extensive research on companion animals and discovered that greyhounds make excellent companions for anxiety-prone people due to their calm/chill nature. Arrow has given our daughter much needed peace of mind and comfort- he sleeps in her room right next to her bed and is always ready for “lubbins & rubbins” (her term for love & belly rubs). One look into his soulful brown eyes could calm anyone!

Arrow has brought our family even closer together and we’ve all benefited from his adoption. We’re more active and we spend more time together enjoying his company. Our other dog, an old golden retriever gal named Marigold, has also benefited from having Arrow join our family. She has a companion and walking buddy for the time she has left on this world. She’s nearly 12 now and was slowing down until Arrow joined our family- he has brought out her puppy youth again, I swear he’s like the fountain of youth!

He’s a big goofy guy and we love seeing more of his personality come out every day. He counter surfs, he still can’t do stairs, he is too vocal when we puts our coats on (he’s beyond excited for walks/jogs), he gets up a little to early, but.... those aren’t faults. They’re just many facets of his amazing personality and we accept him for who he is- a calming soul for our daughter, a friend to our Marigold, a “greyt” walking/jogging companion and wonderful family pet. I know he’s the first of many greys in our lives! We hope to be able to foster many and adopt a few in the future. We can’t imagine our lives without greyhounds- we’re thankful our daughter did the research and for the calming effect he has on her.  Please keep racing these beautiful and amazing animals- so many people benefit from these retired racers! The Puppos Family


Starlight Leroy (photo), AMF Dark Light and REM's Freda

Jim and I are long time volunteers for GEM and Pure Michigan.   Starlight was our first.   He and my son were both 3 yrs old.  He raced at Wheeling.  He was the first of many.  Right now, we prefer to share our home with the  older hounds.  Mostly broodies, our WVa mom dogs are  Fifi, Freda and possibly River. (Freda and River are a bonded couple).  I can't stand the thought, one day, the greyhound, as we know it will be gone.  The idea that they won't be raised, trained and loved by these generations of dogmen (dogwomen).  ..that after 20 yrs or so of loving and caring for this breed, it'll be over.  I can't fathom.
 - Jenny & Jim Heater


Lady - Pocono Lady

We adopted Lady a little over 3 years ago after her first family could not keep her. She brings us immense joy everyday. She is so sweet and is enjoying her retirement with her retired mom and dad, traveling around the country with her buddy Hank a JRT.  - Cheryl Ward


Gs Sweet Coy

I love my retired greys because they have been cared for and loved by the breeder, trainer and owner. You can tell by their demeanor and manners that they were taken care of before I got them. They are enthusiastic and happy.  I’m blessed to have them. Also, I am a long time volunteer at Quad Cities Greyhound Adoption and have been fortunate to see many retirees come in and be adopted at our kennel. Beautiful, happy dogs. - Chase Smith


Kiowa Mon Kinsey, Kiowa Meltdown (photo), Solitaire Hi Lite, Tmc's Fastrack, Tmc  Scratched, Tmc's Topper, Primco Colby, Primco Hays, Kansas Buzzer, Cypress, Pizza Joint

As you can see I love Greyhound's, I even have one who came from an "oops" litter. 
I didn't always love greyhound's, thought of them as huge rat's due to their build, that is until my ex brought one home to small dog and cat test one, it's been LOVE ever since. If I could I'd take them all home. My ex got my daughter and I both in the business of greyhound racing, and on September 13, 2019 I had to give up a job I LOVED and miss everyday due to my health.  Taking away jobs and something greyhound's LOVE to do is wrong and not beneficial to West Virginia. These dogs are LOVED AND SPOILED! They are NOT killed as certain groups of people want you to believe. Times have changed from 20 years ago!

Greyhounds are now finding more "Forever" homes than 20 years ago. They're NOT "put down" because of color or injury (at least 4 of mine were listed as "euthanized ", yet lived good spoiled retired lifes in my home. I even fought my ex over custody of the eight (8) greyhounds and won. KeepWvRacing!!!! - Jean Terek


Wally - Tnj Boy Howdy

Wally, Tnj Boy Howdy, joined my family in 2008 after a successful career at Wheeling downs. He was my second greyhound at the time, and a perfect addition to the family.  He absolutely loved to run and play but had the gentlest soul I've ever seen. Wally sadly passed  in Jan 2018 but he will be forever in my heart. Since 2007 my family has adopted 5 retired racing greyhounds and fostered  close to 20 more with the majority of those coming from WV.  They've all been happy, loving, social dogs, clearly loved and well cared for. They are truly the best breed of dog and  are this way due to their upbringing not despite it.  It saddens me deeply that  if racing continues to be banned,  one day I may not be able to share my home with one of these wonderful dogs. - Carolyn Machowski


Fiesta Nancy

We adopted our greyhound in December 2019. She finished her racing career in W. Va. One thing we tell people is that you can tell she was loved by the people who raced her, because she has never met a stranger! She loves people, and gets so excited when she gets to meet new people. We're so glad she's part of our family, and are so glad that she was loved by others before she came to us. - Jen Montavon

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