The West Virginia Legislature

Current Bills

The West Virginia Legislature is currently closed for 2020. 

During the session, there were two bills introduced that would affect greyhound racing. One was rejected, and the other died with the session closure. 

SB285 - Eliminating WV Greyhound Breeding Development Fund (02/12/20), previously Relating Generally to Horse and Dog Racing Lottery (02/11/20), previously Eliminating WV Greyhound Breeding Development Fund

  • LAST ACTION: S Rejected by Senate (Roll No. 180) 02/19/20

HB4599 - Discontinuing the West Virginia Racing Commission special account known as the West Virginia Greyhound Breeding Development Fund

  • LAST ACTION: H To House Judiciary 01/29/20

The WV Legislature will resume February 10, 2021.

How a Bill Becomes a Law
Members of the Senate

Representing 17 senatorial districts, the Senate is comprised of 34 members - 14 Democrats and 20 Republicans. 

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A bill is an idea for a new law, or an idea to change or do away with an existing law. Hundreds of bills enter the legislative process in West Virginia each time the Legislature meets. Two groups of elected citizens - 34 senators and 100 delegates - study, discuss and vote on bills, and in doing so act for the people of West Virginia. Bills enter the legislative process either through the House of Delegates or the Senate, but to become laws, bills must pass both chambers and avoid a governor’s veto.

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Members of the House of Delegates

The House of Delegates is composed of 100 members, 41 Democrats and 59 Republicans, from 67 delegate districts throughout the state. 

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