The West Virginia Legislature

Current Bills

The West Virginia Legislature is currently in session. 

Important Dates

Opening Day of the Session - January 12, 2022

Twentieth Day - January 31, 2022: Submission of Legislative Rule-Making Review bills due. 

Thirty-fifth Day - February 15, 2022: Last day to introduce bills in the House. 

Forty-first Day - February 21, 2022: Last day to introduce bills in the Senate. 

Forty-seventh Day - February 27, 2022: Bills due out of committees in house of origin to ensure three full days for readings.

Fiftieth Day - March 2, 2022: Last day to consider bill on third reading in house of origin. Does not include budget or supplementary appropriation bills.

Last Day/Sixtieth Day - March 12, 2022: Adjournment at Midnight.


Governor Jim Justice greyhound
House Bills

House Bill 3093 - Decoupling active dog racing licenses from racetrack casinos

Introduced to House - January 13, 2022

How a Bill Becomes a Law

A bill is an idea for a new law, or an idea to change or do away with an existing law. Hundreds of bills enter the legislative process in West Virginia each time the Legislature meets. Two groups of elected citizens - 34 senators and 100 delegates - study, discuss and vote on bills, and in doing so act for the people of West Virginia. Bills enter the legislative process either through the House of Delegates or the Senate, but to become laws, bills must pass both chambers and avoid a governor’s veto.

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Members of the Senate

Representing 17 senatorial districts, the Senate is comprised of 34 members - 11 Democrats and 23 Republicans. 

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Members of the House of Delegates

The House of Delegates is composed of 100 members, 22 Democrats and 78 Republicans, from 67 delegate districts throughout the state. 

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