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Risk of Injury

As with any sport, both human and canine, there is a risk of injury. The majority reported require only limited medical care and rest, not retirement. 

Unlike a retired greyhound running in a backyard who may injure themselves, each track has a track vet located seconds away from the racers to provide any type of medical attention required. From a shucked nail to a full cast, injured racers receive immediate veterinary attention

13.069 races

January 2008 - September 2014

74.5 injuries/month = 0.577%

4 fatalities/month = 0.031%

Common Injuries

Strains (equivalent to a human 'tweaking' shoulder or back)

Treatment: massage, ice, anti-inflammatory, 2-3 rest

Sprains (equivalent to a human ankle sprain)

Treatment: often x-rayed, support wrap, anti-inflammatory, 4-8 weeks rest

Injured toes and pads

Treatment: rest, Epsom salt soaks, wrap

Hairline fractures and fractures

Treatment: x-rayed, support wrap, surgery

Injured Dog Program

If a racing greyhound at Wheeling Island Racetrack sustains a fractured leg requiring medical intervention, the greyhound is evaluated and placed into the Ohio State 4Legs 4Hounds Program for appropriate treatment. This treatment may be a cast for a less serious fracture at a Wheeling veterinary practice, or an extensive surgical procedure at The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Each of the kennels pay $100 weekly to assist in funding this program. After recovery and rehabilitation, the greyhounds are available for adoption.

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