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Sen. William Ihlenfeld on greyhound racing, why VA Medical Center investigation has taken so much ti

Democratic Senator William Ihlenfeld talks about why the investigation into the suspicious deaths at the VA Medical Center in Clarksburg is taking so much time, and tells us why the loss of greyhound racing would be devastating to the area.

Fast forward to minute 4 -

Senator William Ihlenfeld

"It would be catastrophic for the City of Wheeling and Ohio Country for this to happen. We had the City Manager testify before Senate Finance the other day, Bob Herron, and he talked about how devastating a blow this would be to the city if this were to happen. We just had a hospital shut down, a major employer in the area, this track is also a major employer, we can't afford to have this happen, plus, it's my opinion, Mark, that we should double down on this industry, we shouldn't kick it to the curb. There's a lot of gambling revenue that can be had from places like Florida and Arkansas where they've shut down greyhound racing, we ought to double down on the industry, we shouldn't shut it down."

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