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Truth Won and Lies Lost

Dader now lives in Florida after he was adopted following a nice career in greyhound racing.


The state’s Senate President chose to slander citizens of West Virginia and spread fabrications while attempting to erase more than a thousand jobs from residents he allegedly serves.




For the full story, please click here.


Thankfully, the representatives of the Northern Panhandle economy whom Mitch Carmichael was attacking told the truth about his dishonesty in order to avoid the devastation the Jackson County lawmaker was pushing. They thoroughly explained the definition of a taxpayer-funded subsidy, and they took the time to visit kennels and to get to know those business owners and their practices.

The vote was delayed a couple of times, too, because Carmichael and his Grey2K cohorts didn’t have the votes, so he stalled while maneuvering to manipulate minds. When it was time for the senators to decide the fate of the greyhound industry in the Mountain State, Carmichael took to the chamber floor and scolded his colleagues because, thankfully, they opted to ditch Mitch, 23-11.

Truth won, and the liars lost, and it provided the state’s taxpayers with a moment when partisanship paused, and people were preferred. Sadly, such behavior has been rare within the two chambers of the Legislature for several years now, and that is not to blame one political party or the other.

So, for now, the greyhounds will gracefully run at two tracks, and the Senate President is left to run for re-election as an exposed, piddling politician.

In May, we’ll see if voters in Senatorial District 4 decide to ditch Mitch, too?

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